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Nirak Revolution bridle

Ps of Sweden

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When comfort meets technique performance is created...

PS of Sweden's new bridle Nirak™ is the perfect middle point. The bit being attached on the noseband this bridle provide a different alternative.  

The Nirak™ bridle combined with a suitable bit brings a peaceful communication between the horse and rider. The noseband doesn't add any pressure on the teeth therefore reduces possible bit-related issues.


  • Extra effective due to the air gap above the horse's poll
  • Extra padding around the ears for additional comfort
  • Relief treasure from the temples




  • Choose how much pressure to apply on the nose
  • Brings a peaceful communication
  • Doesn't add any pressure on the teeth
  • Soft leather 
  • Multi ajustements

Cheek pieces

  • Flat with regular hooks
  • Patent pending Cradles™ allowing the bit to suspend in the horses mouth
  • Cradles are selectable
  • Adjustable on both ends  - make the bridle fit each individual horse perfectly and allow different sizes of bit rings


  • Unique patent pending "Click-it”™
  • Cascade style 

Note! Sold with flat, original browband. The browband on the picture (Vintage Rose) can be bought as an addition.

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  • Helps the horse to accept the bit
  • For both the young horse who's still learning to communicate
  • Horse who tries to avoid contact with the rider's hand and rather folds in the neck too much.
  • Very forward going horses since it helps the rider to regulate the horse's speed without putting a sharp bit in the mouth or getting a hand that's too strong.
  • Rubber keepers
  • English vegetable tanned leather.
  • Approved to compete with by both FEI, USEF/USDF, and BD on horse and pony, in dressage, jumping and cross country. 

If you are not sure about the size or what bridle to get for your horse take a look into our bridle fitting service  to have a custom made bridle that fit perfectly your horse.


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