Bridle Fitting Service

Want to know more about the bridle fitting service ... 

Did you know that most horses suffer from a poorly fitted bridle. Too high on the pole or on the temple. compressing the sinus... there are many reasons why horses are unhappy with their bridle.  That might be the reason why your horse is tense, not on the bit, does not listen to your aids... A Good bridle fitting can help you solve blockage in your horse development and training. 


Why use a bridle fitting service ?

It's a service that we offer for 4 majors reasons. 

  1. Make sure the bridle you are about to purchase fit perfectly on your horse head
  2. If your horse has special needs - being strong at the fence, travels inverted, grinds his teeth, etc. -  they have to be taken into consideration in the process of choosing the right bridle 
  3. It is actually very rare that a horse fit perfectly in a size made bridle (off the shelf bridle). Most horses have a head that is atypical and need a custom bridle.
  4. Make sure your horse is happy and feels good !


What is a bridle fitting service ? 

When Laura goes to meet clients and their horses there is a 4 steps during the process of doing the bridle fitting;

  1. First, she takes the time to understand how thing are going with your horse. 
    1. How old is the horse, what discipline, what is temperament under the saddle. 
    2. Do you have any particular issues? Teeth grinding, tongue problem. No release in the neck, 
    3. Does the horse show any kind of tightness in the neck, pole or jaw under the saddle. 
    4. etc.
  2. Secondly, it's a physical assessment ; neck, pole, jaw, facile nerve endings, temples, etc.
  3. Thirdly with the all the information she has in hand, then it's the bridle proposition and fitting. At this point, it's about finding the perfect bridle for the horse needs. She will put together one or more bridle perfectly adjusted to the horse's head. 
  4. Fourthly, it's the trial time!  It's time for you to get on your horse and see the difference. This is the final step. We have to let the horse speak and tell us if he likes it or not. 

What brand are we working with ? 

With time Laura as come to the conclusion that one brand is not enough to cover all the horses needs. 

Ps of Sweden is the first brand Laura started to do the bridle fitting. 

Passier will soon be part of the collection offered in the bridle fitting service. 

Dyon will also be included in Laura suitcase when she comes to do the bridle fitting.


What about the bit ? 

The bit has also a major interference in the horse behavior under the saddle. This is why Laura is getting her Bit Fitting training done this winter to be able to offer both Bridle and Bit fitting service. 


What Territory do we service ?

For the moment we service these areas in the Quebec Province:   (Note that if there is multiple persons interested in a bridle fitting service we can arrange a group clinic, plus Laura will travel out of the serviced area for a bigger groue) 

  • Montreal area 
  • South Shore 
  • North Shore
  • Eastern Town Chip 
  • Three-Rivers area 
  • Sherbrooke area 
Please contact us by email at to know more about the service. Let us know your full name, Area, Phone number and talk to us about what you are looking for!