I started this Business with one thing in mind : Offer the best product on the market that fit best the need of the horses and riders. 

As I was looking for equestrian tack for my own horses I realized that it was hard to find a product that had 3 major aspects: Innovative design, great quality and unique technologies.  Once you have find those particular products how do you know which one you need ? 

Well, this is why we I am here for you. 

I did the shopping and got only the best out of the market. And I am still shopping everyday to make sure I don't miss the latest product, the new innovation or this unique start up with great values. 

I am here to help all of the clients to find the EXACT product that fits you and your horses need. 

Don't hesitate to ask questions! Contact us via mail, Chat with us or even better book a barn visit! 


Have a great ride!